Johnny Depp was photographed yesterday on the set of LAbyrinth. This is not a typo, it’s how they’re stylising the title of the movie because it’s about a LAPD detective investigating the murders of Biggie and Tupac. Sarah previously wrote about the project here.

As you can see, Johnny is in costume. He must be in costume because I can’t find a single scarf on his body and he’s wearing grandpa jeans with sandals – not exactly a look I want to sex but wayyyyyy preferable to his usual uniform in that I could almost be convinced to like him this way. As opposed to being repulsed by him.

Clothing, however, doesn’t change behaviour. A pair of sandals replacing 29 scarves doesn’t make him not an asshole. The latest? Johnny and Amber Heard are accusing each other of holding up the divorce. She’s like, can he just pay me so I don’t have to be married to him anymore? And he’s like, she doesn’t want to be rid of me, she’s using me and this situation to stay in the spotlight. And she’s like, um, no, get the f-ck out of my life and stop cheaping out on the $7 million you agreed to in our settlement. 

It’s absurd to accuse her of “prolonging resolution and continuing litigation as long as the public's attention will allow." He already raised her profile when he married her. He did that all by himself. And now that that profile is there, it’s 2017, all she has to do is get onto Instagram, DAD.

So what’s this really about? The way I read this situation, it’s about what it’s always about: control. The $7 million was supposed to silence her, a form of control. She found a way to not be silenced. Withholding remains his only way of punishing her for not being silent…and submissive.