Another trailer for Pirates Of The Caribbean 5: Johnny Depp needs money was released yesterday. It’s probably the best one we’ve seen so far. And, yes, it’s probably because it features the most Captain Jack Sparrow that we’ve seen so far. Not surprising since the franchise is entirely built around Johnny Depp. Note, however, that the first shot we see of Johnny isn’t the Johnny we’ve come to tolerate.

It’s old Johnny. As in young Johnny. It’s 21 Jump Street Johnny, it’s past Johnny, when he was beautiful and not abusive. It’s the Johnny that everyone desperately wants to cling to, delivered to us via the same tech that was used to rewind Carrie Fisher at the end of Rogue One, um, spoiler? This is the way so many people still see Johnny – behind a memory filter (not unlike the one people use for Leonardo DiCaprio) – and perhaps the way Johnny still sees Johnny. I feel like this is what he imagines when he looks in the mirror. I feel like this is what’s told to him so often that that’s what he sees in the mirror.

What, though, goes through his mind when he’s staring into the fresh, devastatingly beautiful face of his new co-star Brenton Thwaites?


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Brenton Thwaites is breathtaking. And I wonder if it’d be more obvious to Johnny now than before, when he worked with Orlando Bloom when he was around the same age as Brenton because Johnny was still in his prime then, less vulnerable to these kinds of insecurities. I can’t wait until they have to stand next to each other on the press tour.