The Daily Mail has new pictures of Johnny Depp last night in Denmark, partying outside his hotel, surrounded by fans. He’s drinking and smoking and, according to the Daily Mail, he gets testy with his security when they ask him to go back inside. I feel like they might be playing Photo Assumption with that one, but the point is, Johnny’s good, Johnny’s not letting the sh-t back at home affect him, Johnny’s out there with the people, the faithful, the ones who don’t challenge him, the ones who don’t tell him he’s a f-ck up and needs to get his sh-t together.

You know what’s great about being Johnny Depp? He doesn’t have to get his sh-t together. Every day this week we’ve been given more and more evidence to support Amber Heard’s allegations. So far, it’s still not enough for him to have to get his sh-t together. And even if it does get to the point where he has no choice but to get his sh-t together? Oh my God, we’ll all get into a sympathy bath together and wish him well because he’s getting his sh-t together. Why, then, would he ever want to leave the party?