Page Six posted a story yesterday afternoon about Doug Stanhope, the comedian friend of Johnny Depp’s who defended him in a piece on The Wrap. The title of the article:

Why The Man Who Accused Amber Heard of Blackmail is Getting Props

And all his friends are coming forward being like, Doug doesn’t have anything to gain and he’s just a really honest guy who’s backing up his bro and he doesn’t care about fame. Really? He wrote a thousand words the other day talking about the “emperor”. Also, hilariously, at the end of the Page Six item, there’s a mention that Doug has JUST RELEASED A BOOK. And Johnny wrote the forward. The book is on sale now. I repeat, the book is on sale now.

No? Not relevant? That doesn’t mean he’s a liar, right? Just like Johnny’s bodyguards being paid by Johnny doesn’t mean they can’t be honest, either. OK. Sure. Fine. But then why can’t an opportunist be telling the truth about being abused?

Victims have to be perfect. Do villains have to be perfect? In, like, the opposite sense? The perfect abuser villain: preferably not white, parents were crackheads, if possible, he should be ugly and poor, with no discernible talent, and no friends. Definitely not actor friends or director friends. Speaking of director friends, Terry Gilliam defended Johnny earlier this week on Twitter:

Initially, when I read this, I was grossed and reminded. But I couldn’t quite figure out what was familiar. Then yesterday a reader called Kara sent me a link to an article about Heath Ledger in Vanity Fair a few years ago. The article was published with the release of The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus. As you know, that film was put in jeopardy because Heath died during production. The piece is about how Terry Gilliam saved it to honour Heath’s memory. And reading it back now, after all this time, in light of Terry’s tweet about Johnny and Amber, well, his words on Michelle Williams were offensive then and totally enraging now. When they were filming Parnassus, Heath and Michelle were broken up and working out a custody agreement. There’s mention of how pre-Michelle, Heath was so chill and had people over at his house all the time arting and partying, and once she came along, that lifestyle had to change – the implication being that she cockblocked all their fun. And then some sh-t about how Heath thought Oscar campaigning was horrible and Michelle was into it so she compromised their artistic bond. And then she wanted to move to Brooklyn to be close to her family and raise their daughter away from LA and…

My buddy, the gentle artist, and this woman – THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILD –making his life miserable and being such a goddamn bitch, how dare she look out for herself and her baby? Click here to read it. That f-cking tone. It’s the same tone on Terry Gilliam’s Twitter. Now turn up the volume on that by a hundred thousand and that’s the wall of protection they’re trying to build around Johnny Depp who’s being accused of abusing his wife, a woman who can’t act, and who needed a career boost from being a relationship with Johnny Depp. Sure. That’s one side of the scale. On the other?

A middle-aged actor who has used drugs and alcohol, who’s been arrested in the past for violent incidents, who’s trying desperately to forget that he’s in his 50s, with a wife whose youth reminds him every day that it’s not 1996 anymore.

She’s produced PICTURES. SHE HAS PICTURES. And his story is the one that’s more believable?