Last Friday, Stewart and Colbert participated in a charity fireside chat in New Jersey and, because they are generous and gracious and amazing this way, actually showed up to give the audience what they came for, what they donated for -- candid conversation with information that hadn’t been rehashed over and over again.

Jon, for example, revealed that his worst guest ever, all time, is Hugh Grant. Hugh was a dick when he visited The Daily Show in 2009 to promote, ahem, Did You Hear About The Morgans?

"He's giving everyone sh-t the whole time, and he's a big pain in the ass," said Stewart, who added that Grant complained about the movie clip provided to the show by the film's publicist. He said Grant asked, "What is that clip? It's a terrible clip." Stewart replied, "Well, then make a better f-cking movie."

Jon then declared that Hugh Grant will never be allowed back on the show again.

Well, he is the guy who threw a Tupperware of baked beans at a photographer, right?

And the guy who released this statement celebrating the birth of his daughter while telling the world her mother means nothing to him.

Hugh Grant is a dick. He can be charming and hilarious, and is really convincing at that in movies, but he is a dick. A misanthropic dick. And he is such a dick that nobody bothered to tell him before he went on The Daily Show that that’s not the place to be pulling that sh-t because Jon Stewart is not Jay Leno; Jon Stewart doesn’t softball. Jon Stewart told the President to his face that he sucked in the first debate, you think he’s going to let some spoiled Hollywood brat into his house and f-ck around?

And...they know this, celebrities. They show up to see Jon Stewart and they are there to play and behave. Except not Hugh Grant. Either Hugh Grant didn’t care, or whoever was prepping Hugh Grant left him on his own...because, yeah, he is such a dick.

I guess, eventually, it’ll come back to the worst ones. I mean you really have to be a giant, giant f-cking asshole for them to hang you out the way they did Hugh Grant.