Jude Law, who is expecting his fifth child with ex-girlfriend Catherine Harding, was seen on set in Manchester this weekend with Colin Firth, working on a new film called Genius. He should keep this lace-front wig. I’m writing this while Jordana, Key Hair on The Social is spraying my hair for the show behind me. She calls Jude’s situation pretty “high quality”, hand-knotted, custom fitted, at least $4,000, she thinks. Like, they’ve gone to the trouble of giving him a widow’s peak. So, you know, if he wants to get someone else pregnant, this could help with that. He should totally keep it.

Look, study after study shows that men are really insecure about their hair, like more insecure about their hair than about dick size. If that’s the case, more should consider a top choice lace-front wig. When it’s done well, and not by John Travolta’s person, it can be revolutionary.