World War Brange: sealing the documents

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Several updates on World War Brange this week. So I wanted to wait to have it all in today’s post. To recap, let’s go back a few weeks. The LA Department of Children and Family Services and the FBI closed their investigations on Brad Pitt last month. The temporary custody agreement, however, remained in place, with primary custody to Angelina and supervised visits to Brad Pitt. As US Thanksgiving approached, Brad’s sources let the magazines and entertainment outlets know that he was sad because he was spending the holiday alone. There followed several reports that Angelina was deliberately keeping the children away from him. So, last Friday, she officially filed the temporary custody agreement with the courts, putting it on the record for the first time. Previously, if you recall, what had been reported was from sources on both sides talking to media outlets. This was the first time that documentation was made available that itemised exactly the requirements of the temporary custody agreement. And the details did not flatter Brad.

According to the agreement, Brad is expected to see a therapist on his own once a week. He is also expected to attend therapy sessions with the kids and Angelina once a week. Brad’s therapy and visitation schedule is being overseen by psychologist Ian Russ, PhD. It’s made clear in the documents that Dr Russ decides when Brad sees his children and how often, not Angelina. In addition, Brad must submit to drug and alcohol testing at minimum four times a month. As you can see, none of this information was good for Brad’s public image, not just the drug and alcohol tests but also the fact that he’s the only one who’s required for individual therapy and not Angelina.

Since the paperwork made him look like sh-t, Brad’s sources answered by leaking to PEOPLE and other entertainment outlets that this was always the temporary custody agreement that was being followed and Angelina only filed the documents on purpose to publicly embarrass him. Then TMZ reported from Brad’s sources that Angelina needs sole custody of the children so that she can move to the UK to pursue her ambitions with the UN, suggesting that she engineered this entire mess to cut him out of their lives. Angelina’s rep then issued a statement denying that she had any intentions of moving to London and that she’s actually looking to buy a home in LA.

Late yesterday, Angelina’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, was given ex parte notice from Brad’s legal team that they would, this morning, appear in court to request that all documents be sealed. Lawyers on both sides however were in court today. Brad’s team argued that it was for the children’s best interests. Angelina’s team argued that Brad was operating not for the sake of the kids but by his own best interests, to protect his own reputation, since he’s been leaking to the media himself, and mostly to convince people that Angelina was out to get him when, in reality, as evidenced by the details in the temporary custody agreement, he’s the only one being put on blast. Supposedly Angelina was worried that he would try to undermine the temporary custody agreement and that’s why she wanted it officially recognised in the court. Evidently the court accepted Angelina’s position over Brad’s because today a judge denied Brad’s request to seal the divorce documents. But World War Brange is now next level nuclear.

I’ve heard that Brad’s team reached out to several major media outlets yesterday asking them not to challenge the application if the court accepted it. The way it was explained to me, even if the judge had agreed that Brad’s request met the requirements, the media would have had the opportunity to challenge it as interested third parties based on freedom of information. It never ended up getting to that point, because, again, the judge denied Brad’s request, but there was a possibility that the media could oppose it, and I’m told that, allegedly, Brad’s side was asking the media outlets not to oppose in exchange for exclusives later on. Most of them agreed. No one wants to miss out on an opportunity with Brad Pitt. So Angelina might have won a minor battle in court today but she could be losing ground on the media. Many entertainment outlets, right now, have decided that a sympathetic Brad is the better story.

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