Justified Season 4 Episode 5 reca

We’ve only gotten a hint of what’s going on with Deputy Brooks, but I like how her relationship with Raylan is evolving. In the last episode especially, he stopped her from beating the chicken farmer to death and she gave him the bean bag gun, preventing him from adding to his body count. They’re watching out for each other without being obvious or schmaltzy about it. I hope we get to see more of this dynamic.

The absence of Winona is starting to get really noticeable.

Back with Colton and escapee, Ella Mae. She’s long gone, maybe with a policeman? (I bet it’s Constable Bob. It’s feeling like we’re circling back around to Constable Bob.)

Ha! Winona! Just when I was like, “Did she die or something?” she’s back. (And yes, I know Natalie Zea is on a new TV show, but it’s interesting isn’t it, that she was promoted from recurring character to main character and now is virtually being written off the show.)

Raylan’s all, “I’m going to be here for you and the baby,” and then he’s like, “But first I have to leave you at the doctor’s and go back to work.” He’s missed the last two appointments already. So far, Raylan’s into the providing thing, but he’s not really into the actually-being-a-dad thing.

Arlo is brought into the marshal’s office. Sh*t’s getting real.

Why did it take so long for Maker’s Mark to advertise during Justified? Because OBVIOUSLY.

The marshals have hijacked the Drew Thompson case (the mystery bag) from the FBI in the wake of the FBI guy committing suicide. Barkley, the FBI agent who investigated Raylan for corruption, is super pissed. And Arlo is in the office to make a deal—if he gives up Drew Thompson, he gets out of jail. Raylan’s response, “Screw that, I’ll find the guy and my dad can rot in prison.” The Givens family puts the “fun” in “dysfunctional”. Raylan has twenty-four hours to find Drew Thompson or Arlo walks.

Barkley is dirty! He’s childhood friends with an enforcer for Detroit mobster Theo Tonin, Nick. They’re after Drew Thompson, too. Apparently he shot Theo Tonin in the eye.

How many people have been killed with Wynn Duffey standing right next to them? Because Barkley just ate it.

Colton lies to Boyd, telling him he killed Ella Mae. That is definitely going to bite him on the ass.

It’s not as electric as Rayland/Boyd scenes, but Boyd/Wynn Duffey is nearly as satisfying. Duffey enlists Boyd to find Drew Thompson. So it’s Raylan vs. everyone else.

Constable Bob! God he’s so full of sh*t.

Remember that girl who tried to rob Raylan a couple episodes ago? Her stepdad, Josiah, is behind the effort to take the bag from Arlo’s house. Raylan’s method of getting him to talk? Handcuff him to the car door and drive. It’s effective on two levels—it’s physically degrading but Josiah is also under house arrest. If they break his boundary line, he’s in trouble with the state police. (He wears an ankle monitor. Note that for later.)

So Drew Thompson was badly hurt when he jumped out the airplane thirty years ago and traded the cocaine he stole from Tonin with Arlo and Boyd’s dad for a place to hide. He’s with the “hill people”. Who, according to Constable Bob, are cannibals.

What we’ve learned about Gutterson: He likes fantasy YA novels.

Careful there, Johnny, your bitter is showing.


They have Boyd, too.

Oh this is interesting. Gutterson and Colton meet. They’re like the B side of Raylan and Boyd.

Josiah sold out Raylan and Boyd to the Hill People (that is getting funnier every time I think/write/hear it). Not surprising. Raylan keeps trying to tell them he’s related to Mary (of the Hill People). The “special” Hill Person brings Mary just in time to save Raylan. Mary is calling the shots—I love this about Justified. There’s always a matriarch calling the shots.

So Drew Thompson is long gone, which means no more Hill People. That whole scene reminds me of this.

Seriously, Boyd, why did you fall for that?

Colton is picking Gutterson’s brains about how to find people. Gutterson thinks he wants to join the Marshal’s Service. This is when you realize Gutterson is still young—he has that naiveté about him. Gutterson isn’t stupid, not by a long shot, but he doesn’t quite have the nose for trouble that Raylan does. But you can see it, right? In ten years, Gutterson is Raylan.

I think Boyd is a terrible crime boss. He doesn’t suspect anything wrong about Wynn Duffey at all. At this point, Duffey has outlived so many other crime bosses, I’d be concerned about doing business with him.

The sheriff is hiding Ella Mae. He’s going to try and turn her against Boyd. All of these people are going to die.

Here’s a big surprise—Boyd is bribing Arlo’s lawyer to throw the case.

EW! Josiah cut his foot off in order to run away. EW!

Raylan’s body count so far: 0/15
Number of severed feet so far: 1