Justified Season 6, Episode 10 recap.

This is the most stressful season of Justified, bar none. There are just four episodes left and you can feel everyone getting that much more desperate as plans unravel. In this episode, things go sideways for pretty much everyone. Let’s start with Wynn Duffy, exposed last week as the rat in the Grady Hale case. Raylan uses him to set up a trap for Boyd, hoping to catch him when he attempts to rob Avery Markham (again) when Avery moves his money from the pizza vault. But Mikey, Wynn’s bodyguard, can’t get square with Wynn’s methods of self-preservation. So he ambushes Wynn and locks him up and offers him to Katherine Hale. Wynn Duffy is one of Harlan’s most invincible characters, the cockroach that keeps coming back for more. He might finally be at the end of his line.

Because Katherine Hale doesn’t f*ck around, and neither does Avery, and now they both know the other is innocent of selling out Grady. Boyd kidnaps Katherine and uses her to force Avery to bring him the money, thus avoiding Raylan’s trap. In the process, he lets Avery know that Katherine has been scheming against him. If it were anyone else, that might be enough to destroy the partnership, but Katherine and Avery are cut from the same cloth—ruthless and capable of holding a grudge for years and years. Boyd really only succeeded in uniting them against him, and with their secrets exposed, they can dispense with the last of the distrust. The wedding may be off, but now Katherine and Avery can bend their considerable criminal connections and mutual penchant for scheming to destroying Boyd.

Assuming Ava doesn’t get there first. Vasquez is done trying to play nice with her and he tells Raylan that they’ll get Boyd without Ava’s help, meaning she’ll have to go back to jail. She offers to get Boyd to confess to Dewey Crowe’s murder, but we all know Boyd will never own up to that, and there’s no real evidence of what happened to Dewey. Still, Ava manages to get Raylan out to the country with her when she meets Boyd, who for one shining moment achieved his goal of stealing Avery’s money. And Ava has new identities courtesy Limehouse for their getaway. Except she’s done playing nice and she freaking shoots Boyd—any time Boyd, Raylan, and Ava get together, it always ends badly for Boyd.

So Ava is going to make her own play, trying to escape with the money. But as Raylan says, the last time she ran, it didn’t go so well. Ava thinks that now because she has money and a passport it’ll be different. But Raylan was never talking about the logistics of fleeing—he meant that Ava literally doesn’t know how to escape. This episodes calls back to Raylan’s backstory, which includes him being one of the Marshals’ best trackers. Remember, he always gets his man. They said that a lot in season one, and they even specifically mention that there was only ever one fugitive who managed to slip his net. Raylan understands running in a way no one else does, he understands that it’s a mindset. After all, he’s been running from Harlan his whole life.

The final episodes of Justified are shaping up to be a free for all as everyone scrambles to get even and get clear. Avery wants revenge on Boyd, plus he’s still trying to undermine Loretta McCready for the pot land, Katherine is going to want to have words with Wynn, who will not go down without a fight, Boyd will go after Ava and “his” money, and Raylan will be right on his heels, trying to nab them both. The only wildcard is Boone, Avery’s super creepy gun thug. He and Raylan are definitely headed for a confrontation. It’s clear that Raylan would prefer to ignore the guy, but Boone is obviously obsessed with Raylan, even going so far as to terrorize what has to be Harlan’s lone hipster into giving up his pork-pie hat so that he, too, can wear a cool hat. We’re into the home stretch now, and everyone’s lies and betrayals have been exposed. The only question now is who survives, and who doesn’t.

Raylan’s body count so far: 2/21