Some celebrities are in St Barts to close out the year. Others are in Barbados. Rihanna’s been seen at home this week. Simon Cowell is a regular there. And Mark Wahlberg, his wife Rhea Durham and their kids are also in Barbados for the holiday. Mark was photographed in pink shorts on a yacht yesterday. His film, Patriots Day, opened in limited release last week to solid reviews and is performing well. His next movie is Transformers: The Last Knight. I just looked it up to find out when it’s coming out (June 2017) and learned something new: his character’s name is Cade Yeager?!? CADE YEAGER? So, basically what Michael Bay wants his own name to be. Just once I wish the main male character in an action movie could be called Bernie Hopstucker. I would see that movie every day for a week.

Anyway, Justin Bieber is in Barbados too. And he too was on a yacht in pink shorts yesterday, hanging out with his young siblings and spending some time alone, contemplating life, looking for answers in the ocean. JB is really feeling his body right now. He’s giving us a lot of posing. And he must be in a great mood, now that he’s on break from touring, because he was stopped on the beach by some girls and was nice enough to hug them instead of lecturing them about disturbing his peace. He won’t be there much longer though. JB is scheduled to perform in Miami at Fontainebleau for New Year’s Eve. His dad is probably more excited about that than he is. Dad, by the way, was also in pink shorts.