Justin Bieber played his last show of the Purpose tour in London last night. He now has a couple of months off before heading to Latin America in February, although he’s scheduled to perform in Miami Beach on New Year’s Eve. He needs the break though. As we’ve seen, tour life can be hard on certain artists. Not everyone has the constitution for it. Justin in particular and on this tour, well, we’ve seen him cancel his meet and greets, get into his feelings about not being heard on stage, and a few months ago he quit Instagram and still hasn’t reactivated, at least not publicly. He talked about Instagram last night during his show, teasing his fans about getting back on, and then calling it hell:

I guess that’s a no for now on Instagram.

Is it a yes or no his current look? It’s the 70s glasses. One of the Jenners was wearing them a couple of weeks ago too. Is it a “new Brat Pack” thing? You know the first image that came into my head when I saw JB reminds in these glasses though? Mark David Chapman. Terrible association, I know.