Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux attended the American CInematheque even in honour of Robert Downey Jr on Friday in Beverly Hills. I like him in a black on black suit. It’s too bad he couldn’t help her with her shoe problem.

Look at her shoes. Bash your head against your desk.

WHY does this keep happening?

In other Jennifer Aniston news, Jacek and I stayed in on Friday night after getting home from a 10 day trip to Toronto and Montreal. We decided to eat dinner on the couch and watch a movie.  How about Horrible Bosses?

26 minutes is as far as we made it.

26 minutes and ...

I love Jason Bateman but goddamn it was unwatchable. I think I might even consider it more unwatchable than a Justin Timberlake movie, simply because, based on that cast, THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

Jen and her crazy body and Charlie Day were actually the only tolerable parts. Until the words “eat my pussy” or something similar came out of her mouth right after she told him she wanted him to f-ck her hard in the ass. It was an onslaught of over the top foulness that stank of trying to be Kenny Powers. Please. It is time to make a better movie. You owe yourself a better movie. It can be a crude and crass movie, great! Whatever it is, just make it better. Better than the medium you keep settling for.