Justin Theroux was papped at LAX yesterday, first shots of him after the honeymoon. As you know, he and Jennifer Aniston spent it with friends in Bora Bora. They came back a few days ago and he’s now off again for work wearing his new ring and a ballin’ gold watch. Under some light it actually looks rose-gold, at least to me. Are my eyes f-cked? Maybe it’s because I have complicated feelings about rose-gold. Maybe I have to get over it, like other people should get over their disdain for rosé. Nothing is better than rosé in the summer.

Anyway, over the weekend, someone posted some pictures of a dress on Facebook, suggesting that this is what Jennifer wore at her wedding:

This has since been confirmed as a fake. If you’d told me it was Blake Lively’s wedding dress, however, I’d be more inclined to believe you. Didn’t Howard Stern say that Jen’s dress was short? As for when we’re ever going to see these photos, HBO will begin airing The Leftovers Season 2 on October 4. So…if they’re showing them to us, perhaps around then?