Justin Timberlake spent last week travelling the Middle East and Europe on Givenchy, promoting his new fragrance for women called Play, seen here at the Atlantis Hotel in a sassy white suit, a double buckle pair of shoes, and overgrown stubble. Because Pippy is a MAN.

And Pippy the “actor” has finally aligned himself to an actual quality film project. The Social Network is getting a lot of positive industry buzz, largely on David Fincher’s direction and Jesse Eisenberg’s talent. I spent a few days in LA last weekend catching up with sources and all of them noted that “the facebook movie is looking good”. When pressed on how Justin holds up, there seemed to be consensus that “’he’s not bad”, but then again “he’s not stretched either, he’s pretty much playing himself”.

Still, with that ego, Justin will of course take the credit. And he’ll keep acting until he proves his point. Which is kind of why he keeps playing this game with Jessica Biel. Acting and his girlfriend have been his two failures, the only two things he’s not been able to make a success. So he stubbornly refuses to give up.

The Social Network poster and website have just been unveiled. Click here to see.

Photos from Wenn.com