Take Back The Night in Dublin

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 11, 2013 16:30:15 July 11, 2013 16:30:15

Justin Timberlake performed at Phoenix Park in Dublin last night. His wife (not pictured) was there to support him. Next stop is London tomorrow. And then he and Jay-Z kick off their Legends Of The Summer tour in Toronto on July 17.

As you may have heard, JT is releasing another album at the end of September. Evidently he’s been overflowing with new music. Someone really wants a Grammy …to go along with all the award season heat that Inside Llewyn Davis will likely generate.

Yesterday JT posted a video just to announce the title of his upcoming new track Take Back The Night…and blurred out the date. So the entire exercise was simply for us to know, to be made wiser with the information, about what he’s named his new song. And then in a couple of weeks we’ll get another clip with when it’ll come out. Followed by yet another to tease the music video. Followed, finally, by the actual video. This is exhausting. Is it a romance novel or is it a music? Does our orgasm have to be prolonged, does the foreplay have to be extended this long? Does he have to draw it out so that my organ is engorged to bursting, pulsing with anticipation, slick from the wanting, desperate for penetration and release, shattering my soul into a million pieces when I hear the first few bars, exploding like a volcano, my molten lava tumbling from the secret places, flooding open after a lifetime of deprivation, at last freed by the ultimate release...?

Also, Take Back The Night is commonly known to be a slogan for organisations that aim to end violence against women. Is JT singing for women’s safety? Or is this another song about sex? If that’s the case, maybe not the best choice of words?


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