The No Strings Attached trailer was released late Thursday. Click here for a refresher. On Friday afternoon it was Pipsqueak’s turn. Have you seen the Friends With Benefits red band preview? Jesus it’s embarrassing, especially for Mila Kunis, who is good, always good, so underrated, so f-cking hot. And she has to try, try to bring her game opposite him, Justin Timberlake, the one being shoved down our throats as an actor, supposedly a skilled comedic one.

You watch and you tell me where you see the skill. Because this is not skill. This is someone reading lines, enunciating every syllable. It simply doesn’t sound natural. Right off the get it’s unnatural. The opening scene, there’s Mila doing her best, and there’s Justin right beside her like it’s a high school play. Did you see what Patricia Clarkson did to him? She annihilated him. Where’s the wisdom putting Justin Timberlake opposite Patricia Clarkson? At this point his acting, it’s beyond fontrum. At this point it’s become fun. Unintentional comedy. He’s so bad, watching it becomes a good time for everyone else.

A bespectacled Pip was at the Laker game last night. Photos are attached.