Yesterday in Smutty Social Media Maria featured this photo that Pharrell posted on Instagram:



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Justin Timberlake has collaborated with Pharrell and Timbaland many times. And it’s no secret that the three have been working for a while now on a new album.

Also yesterday, it was announced that JT will headline F1 weekend in Austin in October. Last year at the same event, it was Taylor Swift and her only full concert of 2016. I wonder though if we’ll find JT in a different space. I wonder if in his case, given the timing, that his new album will have dropped by then, or will be dropping around then, just before the holiday season. As already mentioned, JT is in Woody Allen’s new film, Wonder Wheel. A North American release date hasn’t been announced but, like last year, he’ll be coming at us in movies and in music this year. You’ll recall, he started promoting Trolls and that terrible f-cking song in May – SIX MONTHS before Trolls was even in theatres. Get your rest and take your breaths. He’s about to suffocate us all.

As for the F1 thing, it’s an interesting route, because, as is the case with Taylor, Justin Timberlake is a Super Bowl level performer. But, like Taylor (she’s affiliated with Coca-Cola and the Super Bowl is Pepsi), Justin Timberlake hasn’t yet headlined a Super Bowl. The key word there is “headlined”. And you know, YOU KNOW, he would want it. If not for that one incident that was totally not his fault, OK? He didn’t do anything wrong, he was just a kid with curls and falsetto that unintentionally made a mistake, if not for what horrible Janet Jackson did to him, he’d have headlined a Super Bowl by now. For now though, it’s the F1 – still a massive stage, a major event, and perhaps, somewhat an appeal to the NFL. One day they’ll ask him. They’ll ban Janet for life but, one day, they’ll ask him. Unless… unless you keep this alive. #NeverForget