He had to wear a hat

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 4, 2013 20:56:44 November 4, 2013 20:56:44

Chris Kirkpatrick got married this weekend in Florida and all members of NSYNC were there, including Justin Timberlake, even though none of the boys were invited to his wedding. But then again, if he agreed to come, it’s like he’s doing Chris a favour, non?

Here’s how Lance Bass described the wedding prep. Apparently Chris is really tight and didn’t want to spend money on dressing his crew:

"What's really hilarious to me is that we went to get fitted for our tuxes at Men's Warehouse -- and he got us the cheapest tuxes there he could possibly get, which I think is so Chris and very lovely. I mean that's just who he is. I think it’s hilarious to know that Justin Timberlake is going to be in a Men's Warehouse tux ushering the wedding."

To me, this is smart. Chris Kirkpatrick's large money making days are OVER. He has to hang on to as much of it as he can now, and invest well. For the next 50 years, if not more. So if that means JT has to walk around for a day in Men’s Warehouse instead of Tom Ford…so be it.

But OF COURSE he had to put a hat on, right?

Look, there’s the groom and all his groomsmen and OH! Who’s that standing out in a hat, apart from everyone else?

It’s Justin Timberlake. All eyes on Justin Timberlake.



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