As expected – Kevin has answered back. In response to Britney’s divorce petition, KFed has filed his own claims, specifically for custody of the boys and, of course, spousal support. Legal experts say this is the only way to squeeze more out of that pre-nup...thank Goddess for Lynn Spears who insisted upon it before Britney did the stupid. However, given that the new FedEx wasn’t exactly a proper parent when he walked out on his first 2 children, and given that he has barely spent any time with the latest incarnation of his powerful sperm, it doesn’t seem likely that any judge – no matter what their persuasion – would find in favour of Federline. Scrape, scrape, scrape…claw, claw, claw. As we all know, this piece of sh-t will not go away easy. But in the court of public opinion, KFed is about as popular as Heather Mills. Speaking of… Not a bad next target for him, don’t you think? Source TMZ