I wasn’t going to write about Kaley Cuoco until July 2, the one year anniversary of her letting us know that she was dating Henry Cavill, only to break up with him 10 days later. That whole mess made him look like a fool and elevated her to a new level of celebrity.

But Cuoco showed up to two events this week – first on Wednesday at the Vera Wang opening and then last night at Critics’ Choice. Since she’s trying to be all fashion and style girl now, we’re going to unpack this.

I feel like if she’s going to make this short hair work, she has to be really careful with the makeup. Because when the makeup isn’t good AND the hair is f-cked up, as you see from the tousled head shots, this is what happens –screaming desperation. Kaley Cuoco wants to be more than just the girl from Big Bang Theory. She wants a Jessica Biel career. A Jessica Alba career. A Kate Bosworth career. My God, the Jessicas and the Bosworths are actually inspirations now.