Conscious uncoupling is associated mostly with Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. But well before they parted amicably, Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen were co-parenting peacefully. Have you ever seen the Instagram Kate posted from earlier this year of their mother-father-daughter group chat? It’s really, really cute.


Family group chat Tuesday (Aro is Michael's character in #Twilight)

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Here’s what Kate just posted last night:

That’s even cuter. It might even make you cry. Lily Sheen, Kate and Michael’s daughter, is going to college. And her dad “burst into tears”, then rushed over, picked her up, picked Kate up, and they all celebrated, probably, with more tears and more hugs.

Speaking of college acceptance videos, have you seen this one? It’s the most popular one, I think. Duana was weeping about it earlier this week. Brendon Gauthier was surrounded by friends and family as he checked to see whether or not he was accepted to Cornell.

SO great, right? I’ve watched that a dozen times, maybe more. Brendon is going to Cornell! On a full scholarship! Click here for on his story.

As for Kate and Michael, they’re so close that she’s close to his girlfriend, Sarah Silverman. They’ve all joked before that Kate prefers spending time with Sarah over Michael. Here are Michael and Sarah at the Passengers premiere the other night. They made it through this asshole of a year. Thank you, 2016, you f-cking piece of sh-t, for this small mercy.