I struggled with choosing Kate Hudson for Worst Dressed. Not because the dress isn’t bad, of course – the dress is very bad. But usually when someone shows up in a dress like this, it’s kind of cheating to call them ‘worst dressed’. A Bai Ling or a Phoebe Price shows up to these things for the purposes of being worst dressed, which is not what’s happening here. (Lainey: HAHAHAHA. This is what sent me over last night. When Duana invoked BAI LING while referring to Kate Hudson!)

Kate Hudson is supposed to be legit. She is supposed to be a part of the establishment, if not the elite. I mean, she is. She walked out to present with her ‘pa’, Kurt Russell, showed pictures of her and Goldie and Melanie Griffith and Dakota on the red carpet – she came to play. 

And I have to extrapolate that that means she wants to work. I’m never going to get mad at people who want to work, and I’m never going to get snarky about the other side projects they have going on even if I’ve heard that said side projects are aggressive.

I’m just kind of sad because if she wants to work, and she thinks that showing up in a ‘naked dress’ to prove that she’s still sexy (she is ‘friendly’, not ‘in love’, with Nick Jonas, as of last night, supposedly) will be the thing that gets her work—she might not be wrong.

I might be the one who’s wrong.  And that gives me a sad kind of headache.

(Also, if Lainey were beside me she would say What are those shoes?)