What did I say yesterday?!?

In my last post on Thursday I noted that Katie Holmes was out of New York, presumably to do some work on the Oscar circuit as the ex Mrs Tom Cruise, pleading specifically for her NOT to show up wearing her own sh-t.

Check out Katie last night...in that f-cking black jumpsuit she designed, and that she's worn on a couple of occasions already. Good move being in Hollywood during high season to game for her career. But why with such assy style?!

Last year, Katie showed up at the Vanity Fair party with Tom Cruise. It was one of their final (if not the final) official appearances as a couple. This year, Cruise is not expected, as he's been in London shooting a movie. So he's conceded temporary territorial custody to Katie and during the most important time of year.

And what will she do with it? Does she have a wing-man or a wing-woman? Who is Cameron Diaz to Katie Holmes's Gwyneth Paltrow? It's time for that narrative, non? We know she's a devoted mother. Will the MiniVan Majority allow her some friends and a few nights of fun?