Katy Perry changed wigs after the MET Gala on Monday night and hit up on the after-parties with designer Jeremy Scott…and then John Mayer was spotted arriving right behind her. So Diplo is not a thing. The thing is still Katy and John. Some people deserve each other, you know? And I mean that in the best way.

But when I think of John Mayer at the MET Gala? It’s not Katy Perry I see as his date. Maybe it’s because that was one of the MET Galas that I covered for etalk. It was 2007. And I saw this dress in the flesh. A lot of flesh.

If you recall, John Mayer was addicted to that flesh. He called it “sexual napalm”. That was also around the time I started pointing out his “Shame Face”. Because that was his expression back then. Constant shame. Here’s another angle.

Thank you, Katy Perry, for this moment in Gossip Nostalgia.