Like Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry documented her vote on social media.

Unlike Justin Timberlake, she didn’t get in trouble for it. By the way, an update on the JT voting incident, the DA in Shelby County, TN, where he voted, said they won’t be prosecuting. So, Justin Timberlake will be OK. Justin Timberlake will ALWAYS be OK, why the f-ck was anyone ever worried?

That doesn’t mean he’s not a f-cking idiot though. I heard from a few readers in Shelby County and in other parts of Tennessee yesterday (Hi Tennessee! Thanks for visiting this site!) who all told me that they’ve plastered signs all over the place at voting stations and you couldn’t miss it. Signs, evidently, are not applicable to Justin Timberlake.

As mentioned yesterday, however, the law is not the same across America. (It is, by the way, illegal to take a voting selfie from the voting booth in Canada, across the board.) The selfie is allowed in many other states. And there’s a debate happening over whether or not it should be allowed in all states. The arguments in favour of the selfie are very compelling. But, right now, as it stands, it’s still illegal where JT was voting. And he wasn’t doing it to make a case for the selfie, he probably doesn’t even know what the constitutional case for the selfie actually is; he was doing it to encourage people to vote. Which… it’s not like he didn’t have other options.

Wear the button that says “I voted” and take a selfie from outside. Or in your car. Or from inside your own ass, where you live. Take a video, engaging your followers, telling them what you did, what it means to you, and why it’s important. You’re a musician, so write a little voting ditty and jingle, supporting the voting effort. The point is, the booth selfie was not the only way, especially when there were likely 300 signs telling you not to.

What happens now, then, when someone else does it and is harshly reprimanded? What do they say when they find out Justin Timberlake got away with it but they can’t? Is Justin Timberlake going to put his considerable resources behind the campaign to overrule this law and crusade for freedom of expression? Is Justin Timberlake going to stand up for them? Please. When does Justin Timberlake stand up for anyone other than himself? #JanetForever #NeverForget

As for Katy Perry, she went to Drake’s birthday the other night so he went to hers last night. You know, people keep wondering about when Taylor Swift will drop a new album but it’s been even longer since Katy Perry’s come out with one. Hopefully they’ll do it around the same time.