Keanu Reeves is in Japan to promote John Wick. Have you seen John Wick? It’s amazing. It’s amazing in theatre. It’s really amazing on a plane. And it gets even better when you watch it again at home on a Friday night at 2am.

A couple of weeks ago, Keanu was papped outside the Chateau Marmont kissing a woman before getting into a car with her and driving off. Click here to see. She hasn’t been identified yet. But she looks SO familiar, I just can’t place it. Since we don’t know her name, can I call her Carmen? I love the name Carmen. Carmen has joined Keanu for the trip. They were seen arriving together at the airport. He seems happy (because I’m projecting) and I’m happy if he’s happy.

PS. John Wick 2 is supposed to begin filming this fall.