The weather was stupid again in Toronto last night. It was pouring, it was windy. Kind of a bitch to be dealing with when you have to walk a red carpet. But first…the pre-party.

I interviewed Keira Knightly at the Moet + Chandon cocktail for Laggies at Michael’s on Simcoe before she headed over to Roy Thomson Hall for the premiere. If it were me, I would have fallen out of the car and ruined the bottom of the dress even with an umbrella handler hovering on top of me.

Not Keira. She floated out of the SUV, delicately holding on to the skirt and glided over to the wet troll holding a microphone in her face – me. I thought maybe she’d be impatient and bitchy. No. She’s all dry wit and poise. My colleague Jessi Cruickshank had been stalking her all day and during their junket interview, Jessi forced Keira to promise her to dance together that night. Keira and I just ended up talking about how pathetic Jessi is. She was like, “No, I lied to her face because I felt bad for her”. It was fun and she was willing to play and she was cheeky and cute and impossibly elegant and beautiful at the same time. There is not a single pore on her face.

When we were done, she turned to her husband, James Righton, who’d been waiting under the awning for her and tucked under his umbrella so they could go inside. God they are cute together. And he doesn’t have that face on him, that face that Marc Anthony used to make when people just wanted to talk to JLO and not him. I mean he’s not waving pompoms around and cheering in the background or anything but there’s nothing about the body language or the expression that suggests he’s anything but comfortable with her being who she is.