Entertainment Weekly’s annual list – the cast of Grey’s Anatomy came out at #1 with Helen Mirren and my Borat rounding out the top 3. Others include Kiefer Sutherland, Meryl Streep, YouTube…and Beyonce? Beyonce before Pipsqueak? And Bond? And Colbert? Beyonce the “weakest” link in Dreamgirls? Please. Still… it’s yet another feather in the cap for Grey’s, indisputably the most popular show on television over the last 12 months, with scandal on and off screen, and writing that has yet to get lazy, though curiously enough, TR Knight, Katherine Heigl, and Kate Walsh declined to participate in the cover story. TR I can understand, not comfortable with having been pushed out of the closet, but what’s up with Katie and Kate? Your smutty sense tingling? Nah… It’s Christmas. Let’s pack the cynical bitch away til ’07 and chalk it up to scheduling conflicts…even IF a declaration of Entertainer of the Year does seem rather important. Source