It has to be daunting by this point. By now, Shipka knows she’s not just having fun with clothes. That is, she may well be, but now she knows very well that it’s becoming a thing, the way she looks and what she chooses to wear and stuff, she’s one of the people people care about.

And yet she still looks like she’s having so much fun. Look at her! She’s delighted with herself and this situation, and I’m so impressed. Like if I were her parents, I’d be saying “good on us”. There’s still time for her to go all Taylor Momsen, of course, but I’m not sure she will.  She’s 14 in November and at least sartorially, well-adjusted. That pattern on the back of that dress? I had that on some shortalls when I was about her age. So it feels totally age appropriate and yet is notably not on a pair of shortalls. 

I also want to thank the powers that be for not letting her default to black. When you were 14, didn’t you default to black every time? I am never more my mother than when I’m screeching that there’s TIME to wear black, but seriously, there is. I remember the Olsen twins from about 10 years old on never put colour on their bodies again (granted, the only colour available in 2001 was powder blue) so I find this refreshing. Also, I find myself wondering whether I have time today to go out and get myself some Shipka brows.

Now of course, if these pictures are new to you because you never saw her on the broadcast, because apparently Mad Men doesn’t really matter in the grander scheme of the show, well, that’s another rant for another time. Seriously, we didn’t even get one split-season joke? Who’s asleep at the controls here?