The last time I posted about Kirsten Dunst it was in September – click here for a refresher. She was featured in The Edit. It was a great interview. And in particular the comment that stood out was when she talked about her acting plans and how she’s ready to not just focus on film. In fact, she specifically expressed interest in television…eventually:

“… I don’t buy that stuff about things getting harder for actresses as they get older. Actually, I think it’s going to get easier. I mean, it’s the golden age of television and I’m only about five years away from doing a TV show, for sure. I’m not going to record an album or anything but I would definitely do a musical movie. Basically, I’m pretty much game for anything.”

There IS a golden age of television happening right now. And she’s not the first to be making that observation. For women, especially, the roles are so much more complicated, nuanced, relatable. So, it came five years early.

Kiki is confirmed for the second season of Fargo. Her character is Peggy Blomquist, a small town beautician who wants a bigger life, wonders if she could make it in the city, and trying to figure out those ambitions in a community that probably doesn’t encourage those desires.

And Landry is playing her husband!

That’s for those of us who long for Dillon, Texas. (Friday Night Lights has found a following after it ended. More and more of you are finally watching. More and more of you need to watch.) Or maybe you know him from Breaking Bad. Jesse Plemons will play Kiki’s husband, “a butcher's assistant who wants to be supportive of his wife's self-discovery — even if he doesn't quite understand it”.

You know what I love about that sentence? HER character drives the story.

But good on Plemons for steadily working up. This is a great opportunity for him. We’re about to see two FNL alumni leading major tv series next year!