The US Weekly article is really good dish. And very, very detailed.

As I mentioned earlier, for someone who jumps into a dumpster every time there’s a pap around, this was so incredibly careless. And, like, super teenage styles. Kristen Stewart took a call from Rupert Sanders while she was in her car. She picked him up in a shady neighbourhood. They drove around, messing around, for a while looking for a place to park and make out. Jesus.

They were pawing each other in her Mini for a while parked in a deserted lot. (OK I used to do this when I was 22 too.) This went on in the front seat. He, um, was “kissing her entire body”. Then they decided to go somewhere else and pick it up at a new location. You can read more about that in the magazine. For now, just consider how it would feel to be his wife, Liberty, seeing these pictures and having to assess her marriage.

And let’s not make the conversation about the photographer either. You handed him that opportunity. You were the architect of this story. Also...this doesn’t seem like a one-time “fleeting moment”...?

But there may be a pattern emerging, non?

Before hooking up with Pattinson, Stewart was involved with another actor called Michael Angarano. They were together during filming of the first movie, and he would visit her in Vancouver during filming for the second. These pictures are from April 2009. At the time, Stewart was best friends with Nikki Reed. Nikki Reed and Robert Pattinson had something going too. The next month, Stewart and Pattinson were spending a lot of time alone together in their hotel rooms. Nikki Reed freaked out. That friendship has never been the same since. And Michael Angarano was done.

Three years later...

But she’s 22. How realistic is it to spend the rest of your life, especially in these times, with the person you love when you’re 20?

For Stewart, the problem is the overlap. And this is common. We probably all know someone who’s ready to leave a relationship that’s gone stale but doesn’t have the courage to do it and acts on an attraction before dealing with what should be properly closed first.

This is why I always say we are SO dumb when we’re in our 20s. Because we are morons in our 20s. Kristen Stewart is a moron in her 20s.

So what now between her and Robert Pattinson? There is nothing official. But that movie, Twilight 5, it opens in 4 months. And there’s a press tour. That won’t be awkward at all!

Will they try? Right now it looks like they’ll try. It sounds like she wants to try. But even if they try, how can it survive?

Britney and Justin couldn’t.

Gwyneth and Brad didn’t.

Selena and Justin won’t. (Sob!)

Winona and Johnny ...

For Stewart, there are career considerations too. Universal has been contemplating a Snow White sequel. And you know what Pattinson’s fanbase is like. They’ve been looking for an excuse to crucify her since, well, since the beginning. The hate she’s receiving right now is terrifying.

Stewart’s resume and reputation however will probably not be affected long-term. I spoke to two agents  this morning and both seemed rather indifferent to the scandal: “She’s 22 and f-cked around on her boyfriend. It doesn’t mean they won’t send her scripts. If anything they might send her more. You know how it works around here.”

And besides, if her next boyfriend is as high profile as her current one? Please. No one will remember.

As for Pattinson...

Katie Holmes is single now so...

Too soon?

(Brilliant as always Lorella.)