About six months ago, Kristen Stewart, who was dating Alicia Cargile at the time, stepped out very publicly with Soko. It was a short but intense affair. They fell hard, they kissed hard – all over Paris and in the presence of the paps. After about a month, it was done. And Kristen went back to Alicia and she and Alicia held hands all over Cannes and over the summer she told magazines that she was so in love.

The last time Kristen was seen with Alicia was at the end of August which is also when she was first seen with St Vincent. She and St Vincent are definitely a thing now – as you can see, quite clearly, from these photos of them in New York on Sunday. No matter whether or not there was overlap, Kristen didn’t hide it when she was with Soko and she’s definitely not hiding it now that she’s with St Vincent. Not sorry.

I’m being specific about sorry because Kristen, a few years ago, delivered a public and desperate apology after overlapping between Robert Pattinson and Rupert Sanders. I hated that she apologised more than I hated that she cheated. No, Alicia Cargile isn’t Robert Pattinson. And there’s not a multimillion dollar movie coming out that’s riding on the love between Alicia and Kristen. So this is not a straight up comparison between situations. It’s not a comparison at all. Rather, it’s simply an observation about Kristen Stewart then and now. I wonder if the Kristen now, if she could do it all over again, would have apologised. Whether she would have held herself up for public judgment and knelt at the altar of the fandom for forgiveness. In my opinion, probably not.

Part of that has to do with growing up and growing into herself. Of course another part of that might have to do with growing into herself and coming out of herself. Buzzfeed posted a great article about Kristen Stewart’s “complicated appeal” the other day that explores how she navigated her personal and professional life from that infamous apology to where we are now, holding hands with a new girlfriend, all apologies, until they become no apologies.