This might be the best Kristen Stewart has looked all year. Gorgeous. On fashion then, as we move into 3 weeks of heavy promotion for Twilight 5, I am excited, especially if the people pulling for her are making great choices like these. It’s Louis Vuitton from the SS2013 collection that was just presented in Paris earlier this month and, as I noted when I posted the images, click here for a refresher, I liked the LV aesthetic better than Chanel. They’ve styled Stewart almost perfectly too though I would have gone would a different shoe...

That shoe is a little Kardashian/Keibler, non?

So all is right in the world again. It’s almost November, and that means Twilight time; Robsten has been revived, Robert Pattinson isn’t sad anymore, Kristen Stewart has her boyfriend back, and the Twilight illusion is back on sale. I spoke about this during my TED Talk on Sunday on The Sociology of Gossip in the Stewart section addressing marital convention, fidelity, and the social expectation on the female in relationships: Stewart’s mistake may not just be that she was cheating on her boyfriend, but that in doing so, she broke the dream of every girl raised since birth to believe that it’s not the White House that’s the ultimate goal but to fall in love with the Perfect Man. How dare she betray that fantasy.

But it’s all good now because she’s rescued back the fantasy.

Happily ever after is still possible ladies! Yay us!