Kristen Stewart’s new movie, American Ultra, opens in a few weeks, which means she will shortly be hitting the road to promote it—with Jesse Eisenberg. If ever there was a press tour with a high probability of going off the rails,  it’s this one. (“Finally! Someone else’s turn!” cry the Avengers.) American Ultra is my #1 must-see of August, though, and summer 2015 hasn’t yet produced a real sleeper hit, and if it delivers on the promise of action and comedy in the trailer, then this could be that movie that comes out of nowhere to surprise people with its success. After a run of terrible comedies capped off by the soulless Pixels, I need to see a comedy that is actually funny or else my head might explode, so I have a lot of eggs in the American Ultra basket. I need a good summer comedy, dammit! Also, please someone introduce Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne, I need them to be friends because that would be amazing.