Kristen Stewart left LA for Cannes yesterday. She’s in Woody Allen’s Café Society which will open the festival later this week. As you know, US Weekly reported on Thursday that Kristen’s intense two month relationship with Soko is now over – click here for a refresher. On the weekend she was seen out with her ex-girlfriend, Alicia Cargile. You can see those shots here.

Also on the weekend, Soko tweeted some anger. She’s since pulled down the tweet, but it read like this:


After deleting that tweet, she then dropped some more cheating commentary on Instagram but that post has also been removed, leaving just this:

Or this:

The full text is here (Thanks Tina!):

This girl is DRAMA! Dramatic exes are good for gossip. Great for gossip. They are not, however, good for celebrities who are private. Is Kristen trying to shut that sh-t down? Can Soko be shut down? Does this mean she’ll be in Cannes too?