Rachelle Lefevre in Vancouver the other day enjoying the weekend sunshine before getting to work on New Moon. Never knew but as you can see, she has an amazing ass. It’s hard to tell behind all that hair. She also looks like she knows about good photo ops, stopping for a homeless person to give him some change. I’d like to know more about her flats. LOVE her flats. Will Pixazza those flats so we can all find out.

Other fashion questions – many of you wrote about Nikki Reed’s boots in the photos posted yesterday. Not sure…but I like my boots better, which you also asked about at the time. Fiorentini + Baker.

Attached – more photos of Nikki this time arriving on the other side in LA. As for the update on the rumoured romantic entanglements and shenanigans surrounding the cast, here is the latest:

Am told by infallible sources that Kristen Stewart was reprimanded by the studio (Summit) for these photos of her with her boyfriend Michael Angarano in Vancouver a few weeks ago. Twi-hards, as you know, can often lose their grip on reality. The fact that Kristen loves someone other than “Edward Cullen” is hard for many of them to accept. It is in Summit’s best interest to perpetuate this illusion: that real life has mirrored the book, that Bella and Edward might truly be together. This way those Twi-freaks can go on daydreaming, the fans are kept happy, they will save their money to see the movie ten, eleven, twelve times and buy 100 copies of the DVD and the dolls and the coffee mugs and shop at Walmart some more.

As such, Summit has supposedly instructed Kristen to be more careful when she’s in public with Michael (particularly around the paps, as several teams from several agencies are now all camped out outside her hotel every day), stressing that, at least during filming, they’d actually prefer that he not come ‘round at all. It’s also been suggested that Summit isn’t pleased with the closeness between Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed.

Nikki has spent a lot of time in Vancouver – more time than required. Time that was not spent working on the film. Now that all of her scenes have, for the most part, been completed however, the same sources are speculating that she too has been gently ordered by Summit to stay away, if not to continue to encourage the baseless rumours about Kristen and Pattinson then at least to quell the intrigue surrounding her friendship (with benefits!) with Rob.

What’s interesting is that these are kids who don’t like to be molded or muzzled. Kristen is apparently not happy about the arrangement, is offended by it, but at the same time, they’re still balls deep in production for the 2nd film, will be going right into the 3rd after a short break later this year, and could be on board for a 4th. It’s a long road ahead and, some would argue, it’s part of the job. For a young actress who is trying to build on a good reputation, staying in line is paramount. Keep you posted.

As for what’s happening today on set:

They’re shooting a scene around the woods involving Edward and Bella. Edward has to go, then leaves, then seems to be in anguish. Something about “taking his soul”. It’s the break up.

Exclusive photos from PunkD Images and MATINGAS/Bauergriffinonline.com