Sasha emailed me yesterday having just seen Kristen Wiig on the new cover of Paper Magazine:

“do you know how much i love this outfit??!?!!?”

This is, indeed, from head to toe, pure Sasha styles. I totally love it too. But it requires a certain body type which... is definitely not mine. Kristen Wiig can though. And, actually, she can wear almost anything. So I was frustrated when she showed up at the Emmy Awards in that poo dress. Don’t tell me it’s because she doesn’t care. She cares. She cares a lot. And it’s ok that she cares. Funny girls are allowed to care too. I hope she cares enough to find some steezier options on the carpet at the Golden Globes in January. There is no way Bridesmaids won’t be up for Best Comedy. And probably win.

Will she bring a date? Will it be Fab?

Page Six
reports that Wiig and Fabrizio Moretti (The Strokes, Drew Barrymore) were grinding up on each other at a party the other night. Like super hardcore. Hot, right? I could picture this right away which... I mean I know that’s kinda perverted but I would totally pay extra for pap shots of the two of them, blurry eyed and bed-headed on a Saturday morning, wearing matching skinny jeans and hipster scarves, smoking cigarettes and looking for coffee.

Also attached - Fab with Tobia Funke in New York in October.