Well, I was just saying yesterday in a style post about Lady Gaga that her choices have changed the last couple of years. To be fair, this is not a meat dress. And she’s not wearing a Christmas tree with ornaments dangling from her crotch. Still… it’s not Gaga if she doesn’t show up at a luncheon, in this case the Billboard Women in Music luncheon, where she’s being honoured with the Woman of the Year Award, in a silver bra and long skirt.

It’s not that it’s a bra though. It’s just that the outfit doesn’t look like it’s very well made. Like it’s the kind of thing worn by a brand new girl band, and their stage outfits have been stitched together at home, because there’s no budget for costumes yet. Think early years Spice Girls. Right? I’m all about early years Spice Girls, but early years Spice Girls just seems incongruous with Billboard’s Woman of the Year. There has to be a more luxe-looking bra and skirt combination. There has to be a way to do this where her man’s tux doesn’t look more expensive than her outfit when he’s the one who’s there as the plus one, you know what I mean?

Something to keep in mind at the Golden Globes.