Yesterday was a fine day to be Lauren Graham (as if all the others aren’t). Because in addition to the news that Gilmore Girls is set to have a series of special episodes on Netflix, it was announced that Graham and her other, more recent, perhaps more realistic TV daughter had acquired the rights to ‘The Royal We’ for Graham to write and Mae Whitman to star in.


I feel as though I have to separate this into categories of what Lainey might deem ‘jumpy claps’.

FIRST, The Royal We was an awesome read. Like, I compulsively sped through that thing, but it didn’t feel like it flew by too fast the way some books do. It’s written by the Fug Girls, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, and it is exactly as if you were at school with them at St. Andrews.

THEN, there’s the part where Graham and Whitman obviously love each other in real life! I mean we knew that, Parenthood was obvious about it, but I love that they’re not just getting to work together again, they’re making a point of it! Finding projects that work for both of them! Oh, and I really welcome Lauren Graham the writer. Her book was actually great, not just great-for-an-actress. (Click here to read my review.)

FINALLY, I love that this is meant to be a leading role for Mae Whitman, because she should have them and she obviously has massive audience appeal, and because I’m still not over the fact that Whitman got booted from her OWN ROLE in Independence Day, so anything that allows her to scrub it in the faces of idiots who don’t know better is delicious for me, and you, and for Lauren Graham, who is also probably dying to show people how well her friend Mae is about to do.

POST SCRIPT, I’m excited for me, because I really want to see this movie, tomorrow if at all possible.