Bearding leads to homewrecking?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 18, 2009 06:45:03 March 18, 2009 06:45:03

This is what happens when a young girl marries an undiscovered ‘mo.

Us Weekly has busted LeAnn Rimes for cheating on her husband Dean Sheremet – they’ve been married 7 years – with her movie of the week co-star Eddie Cibrian, also married with children. Hardly A list but the story…the story is smutty gold.

  • Exposed by tabloid
  • Affair on the set of a MOVIE OF THE WEEK (!!!!) because one of the culprits is
  • Married to a maybe gaybe

Amazing, right?

Surveillance cameras caught LeAnn and Eddie kissing at a restaurant a couple of weeks ago, then sneaking into a hotel for a 3 hour romp a few days later.

Reps for both LeAnn and Eddie won’t comment, which totally means it’s true, and you have to wonder – how does that conversation begin and end? First receiving a call from your publicist with the heads up that Us Weekly is about to slap you on the cover and call you a cheater thereby forcing an eventual confession when you were perfectly happy living a double life…

And suddenly LeAnn Rimes is more famous than ever. If girlfriend beating isn’t a career killer these days, infidelity is hardly the kiss of death either. I hate people.

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