Lena Headey was on Kimmel last night and he asked her to drink wine like Cersei Lannister and talk to him in character. F-ck I just like hearing her talk. I like watching her just be… Cersei who, as Duana says, might be the best character on the show. There is always great tension in Cersei’s scenes. The word play is marvelous. And she is exactly who she is – consistent and c-nty and never, ever boring. When Jaime gave in to her the other night, I understood, completely, why he can’t resist her, why he could never resist her, and why Brienne of Tarth could never replace her. And I can’t wait to watch her benefit from the gift Tyrion just gave her. She was a standout for me this season. One of the best standouts…along with Oberyn Martell, as played by Pedro Pascal. When Pascal was initially cast as the Red Viper, some of the fans complained. Oh nerd anxiety. They needn’t have fretted. Pedro Pascal was everything.

There are a lot of people who were shipping Cersei and Oberyn. Kimberley wrote to me yesterday asking if Lena Headey and Pedro Pascal are together in real life. I thought he was with Sarah Paulson? Click here for a refresher.

That said, I can understand why Kimberley and so many others are rubbing themselves over the possibility of a Cersei-Oberyn hookup. Because…have you seen this video? He is so F-CKING HOT I can’t. I cannot stay dry.

Head to Head: Lena Headey and Pedro Pascal from Hunger TV on Vimeo.