Leo kissing a blonde on a bike

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 10, 2015 19:11:02 June 10, 2015 19:11:02

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kelly Rohrbach were photographed kissing in New York this week. Or it could have been Toni Garrn. Bar Rafaeli. Blake Lively. Gisele…

As ONTD pointed out (scroll down on that link), this is his thing.  It happens so often, you wonder why Leo, who is pap-allergic, can’t seem to avoid it. Maybe he didn’t want to avoid it this time, since he’s telling everyone via lawsuit that he didn’t get Rihanna pregnant. Some of you have emailed to side-eye him about this. For all the rumours that have been out there about him, and who he may or may not be f-cking, why is it that he seems to be going to this much trouble to convince you that Rihanna, in particular, is NOT the one? I like this line of investigation.

Anyway, once again, Leonardo DiCaprio is dating a model and he’s taking her bike riding. This guy has so much romantic imagination, non?


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