Everyone in Hollywood is excited because Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are back together for the film adaptation of the book The Devil In The White City. According to Deadline, Leo’s chased this role for a long time and he will also produce. He will play Dr HH Holmes who was a serial killer responsible for the murders of at minimum 27 people, at most 200, during Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair. Holmes built a hotel where he would lure young, single women and torture them, supposedly for “medical and scientific study”. Um, awesome? I can’t wait to see it?

Leo wants to play the bad guy. He was quite effective as the bad guy in Django Unchained. And rather effective as a total douchebag in The Wolf Of Wall Street (even though I hated how that life was glorified in the film). Will the bad guy bring him the Oscar? Will he have one already by the time he starts working on The Devil In The White City for his work in The Revenant…which I have no interest in seeing either. I’m not Leo’s audience anymore. I used to be. Many years ago. But I feel like he’s not attracted to projects that speak to someone like me. Is he attracted to projects (like when his production company gets involved) that require him to speak to women and have a meaningful conversation?

Maybe that’s unfair. Maybe that’s a projection of his gossip life onto his professional life. But I enjoy him so much more in films like Revolutionary Road and he doesn’t make enough of them.

PS. Is Jonah Hill, 2X Oscar nominee and friend of Leo, Marty, and Brange, invited to this party?