You know who couldn’t make it to Coachella this year? Vanessa Hudgens. How many times have we seen Hudgens fringed up like an asshole every April in Palm Springs? But she had to work.

You know who couldn’t miss Coachella this year?

Leonardo DiCaprio. Of course. Parties are a priority on his schedule. Amazingly he seems to keep the same party schedule as Justin Bieber. Because JB was also at Coachella. Just like he was in Cannes last year. And in Miami. And clubbing in LA a couple of weeks ago. So I relate them now. Leo + JB forever.
Here he is, Leo, on Saturday night, fist-pumping to the music. Sadly he didn’t show us any of that awesome choreography from last year. But remember, Coachella is multiple weekends now. Maybe he’s saving it.