You know Leo. Leo goes where the party is. With that f-cking beard.

The party, apparently, will be in St Barts again for New Year’s Eve. Rihanna was seen there earlier this week. Salma Hayek too. And Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is apparently hosting something tonight. It’s always a big deal when Abramovich is in St Barts. This time, according to Page Six, it might be art-themed. Leo likes to think he knows art, what with all his visits to Art Basel and everything.

But Diddy is having a party too. So Leo has options, always. Party options and definitely model options. I’m thinking the model options will be more abundant over at Abramovich’s. Billionaires are really good at that kind of thing – flying models in from around the world for their clients and guests.

Countdown at Roman’s then and after hours with Diddy? I feel like Leo would like that plan.

Check him out with a friend waiting to get on a boat last night. He’s ending the year single. It’s perfect timing.