It’ll be Leo Watch until February 28, the night of the Oscars, when we finally find out whether or not getting f-cked but not really by a manga bear gets him his Best Actor. But first …

New Year’s Eve. In St Barts. Surrounded by his boys.

Here’s Leo out for dinner last night with the ever-faithful Lukas Haas. The bro-loyals who don’t have family commitments keeping them at home, who can get on Leo’s private jet, whenever, wherever, all sharing in the big bonuses of his big life, like Drake’s Headlines is their theme song.

One of us goes in
And we all go through it
(Leo) got the money, so (Leo) gonna pay it
Those my brothers, I ain't even gotta say it
That's just something they know
They know they know they know

So the boys are there. But I’ve yet to see any clean shots of the 2015 bonafide, Kelly Rohrbach. Maybe she’s arriving today.

In other Leo news, everyone’s talking about his interview with ShortList, in which he confirms that he did indeed meet with George Lucas about the possibly of playing Anakin Skywalker, the role that eventually went to Hayden Christensen. Leo gives a perfunctory answer about not being the right time and the right move for his career because, whatever, he never actively tried to be a movie star which, as you know, has always been his favourite catchphrase. Don’t come at me like I’m a movie star but let me live my movie star life, with my entourage, from Cannes to Capri, VIP styles only, all-access all the time.

The answer I found most interesting in this interview though is what he has to say about being respected. This is the question:

Nolan and Scorsese love you. You’re getting a lot of great roles. Do you feel like you’re more respected now?

Leo’s response:

No, the truth of the matter is, I’ve spent very little time trying to figure out what the consensus is. The more you try to control it, the less you have a grasp on people’s perception. It’s a tremendous waste of time, I think. I don’t think an audience always wants you to do the same thing or try aggressively to prove anything.

So, basically, he doesn’t worry about what people think. This from a guy who’s practically proposed to the Oscar? Is that why they’ve hired “every awards consultant known to man” to run this campaign?

Click here to read the full ShortList interview.