Leonardo DiCaprio’s current bonafide is a model. Oh, you need me to be more specific? She’s a blonde model. More specific than that? She’s a blonde model who models for Sports Illustrated. It’s a blur for you still, isn’t it?

Kelly Rohrbach is different though, OK? Unlike Gisele, Bar, Erin, Toni, and whoever else I forgot to name, Kelly almost played pro golf and can hang with the boys. Seriously. This is how the New York Post is selling me on how Kelly can be distinguished from all the others and just might be The One for Leo.

Because she’s really fit, takes care of her body, but also eats burgers and fries, prefers to wear t-shirts and jeans, and did I mention she can hang with the boys? Because the New York Post had to mention that multiple times.

Kelly Rohrbach can hang with the boys.

I guess they point this out because she pointed it out to Esquire:

“I’m definitely quick-witted. And I can hang with the guys. I’m pretty relaxed, and nothing really offends me. I think everything’s funny, to be honest.”

First of all, who goes around calling themselves “definitely quick-witted”…? Second, is she trying to tell me here that boys can be boys around her and she won’t call them on their bullsh-t?

So, basically, Kelly Rohrbach, according to the New York Post, is a douchebag build-a-girl. What would happen if a bunch of rapey frat bros sat around and Weird Scienced their perfect woman into existence. And that Leo would be stupid not to lock that sh-t down. Click here to read all about her.