We’ve debated and gone back and forth, but I think the verdict is we are going to delay the taping of our #ShowYourWork podcast until after the weekend.  Because the Met Gala is coming, and because Lainey and I are going to be in New York this weekend, and because there is too much good material coming at us and we need to delay our argument about who should win ‘Do I Need To Care About’.

But I’m just saying—if we were doing the podcast this week, I know who would win ‘Do I Need To Care About’. Or maybe this week I would fight for it, and next week, Lainey would admit that I was right all along…

So this week I would nominate Leslie Odom Jr who just announced, with his wife Nicolette Robinson, who’s an actress, that they named their brand-new baby daughter Lucille Ruby.

“Great name!” I would say.
“Who?” Lainey would say.

But I would just smile and keep my counsel for a change, because on Saturday, Lainey is going to see Hamilton.

And she doesn’t know, right now. She doesn’t know that afterward she’s going to be grabbing at me, wondering how she gets back the sounds and feelings she just saw and heard.

So I will hand over the original cast recording, and watch as she falls in love with Leslie Odom Jr. the original Aaron Burr, and plays “Wait For It” over and over again… 

[Sidebar for musical nerds and those who aspire to be: my friend Paula once explained to me that the reason that song is so affecting when he sings it, and less so when I do (ha), is because we love songs that make the singers really reach to the top of their range… which he does so well there. Conversely, the song is in the middle of many women’s ranges, so there isn’t as much of a Herculean ‘reach’ in the song.]

….and watch as she becomes obsessed, and goes back to find his appearances on The Good Wife and Gilmore Girls, and finds herself more interested in reruns of Law & Order: SVU, and waits with bated breath for November’s Murder On The Orient Express where he has a small role.

And she doesn’t even KNOW about King George yet.

It’s not too late to hand in your extra credit – what do you think Lainey will be most surprised she’ll fall in love with in Hamilton? I think it’s going to be this:

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Stay tuned for the #ShowYourWork podcast a little later next week, featuring lots of work, the Met Gala, and a little about Broadway as your skeptical Head Of Gossip becomes an out-and-out fangirl…

*or will care.  Future tense.