When Lin-Manuel Miranda found out he was nominated for an Oscar, unlike SOME PEOPLE, he did not play too cool for school. Because, as he explained later, he’s a total Oscar nerd. The Oscar nerd went to the Oscar Nominees Luncheon. And the Oscar nerd became an Oscar fangirl.




Look at his face in this one!


I LOVE him. And yes, I can hear you, Duana. You told me so. You told us so.

But this is specifically Duana has been his champion for so long, from the very beginning. Because he is the kind of guy who will tell you how excited he is, without it seeming aw-shucks fake. You know how we know? Because he’s still interested in the small details. About lunch, and about the dais, and the pool. None of that is old news to him. And all of that is the kind of thing a true geek would notice.

Let me repost a tweet thread about LMM that I f-cked up last time because it’s becoming more and more true – few people get how to be successful successfully, and LMM does: