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‘In The Heights’ Trailer Goosebump Count

Duana Posted by Duana at December 13, 2019 19:59:47 December 13, 2019 19:59:47
YouTube/ IGN

Look, I’m not going to bury the lede – between 1:46 and 2:26 I broke out in goosebumps no fewer than six times. But the dreamy strings at the beginning meant I was primed for it from the very first frame:    I don’t know if any recent movie has been as consistently anticipated as In The Heights… except maybe Crazy Rich Asians, which isn’t coincidental. Full Story

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Dear Gossips,

If you’ve been visiting this site a while, you know how much I love gross sh-t. Dr Pimple Popper is just my appetiser. My self-care is panda videos and looking for the gnarliest, nastiest ooze and goo and body fungus I can find.  Read Full Intro

The Met Gala 2020

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 8, 2019 18:06:03 November 8, 2019 18:06:03
Jeff Kravitz/ Dia Dipasupil/ Karwai Tang/ Getty Images

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York opened in April 1870 so next year the Met celebrates its 150th anniversary and many of its exhibits will commemorate the milestone. Which means the Costume Institute Gala, aka the Met Gala, will also be a birthday party on the first Monday in May 2020. It’s a big one. Full Story

LMM on B99

Prem Posted by Prem at March 8, 2019 17:22:07 March 8, 2019 17:22:07
Twitter/ Lin-Manuel Miranda

On yesterday’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Lin-Manuel Miranda guest starred as Amy Santiago’s brother. If you recall, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was cancelled this summer and then saved in 31 hours, partly thanks to the swell of support from celebrities including LMM. Full Story

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Dear Gossips,

Lin-Manuel Miranda was not at the Golden Globes on Sunday because he’s in Puerto Rico, preparing for Hamilton’s opening night on Friday. LMM will be playing Alexander Hamilton again for 3 weeks to raise money and spirits for those affected by Hurricane Maria.  Read Full Intro

Friday, November 9, 2018

Dear Gossips,

Mary Poppins Returns, starring Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Meryl Streep, opens December 19 and is expected to be a holiday season blockbuster with awards potential. I’ve never seen the original. I mean, I know about Mary Poppins because I live in the world and am familiar with most of the music, but I have no strong connection to the Julie Andrews version so my attitude about this new one has been more like, yeah, I’ll see it out of obligation but I’m not really that excited.  Read Full Intro

The Battle for Favourite Show

Duana Posted by Duana at July 30, 2018 16:07:16 July 30, 2018 16:07:16
Nicholas Hunt/ Jamie McCarthy/ Walter McBride/ Getty Images

Last week Sarah emailed me, Lainey, and Emily, our site manager. Subject? Duana’s new favourite show. Body?  “This show was made with only the freshest ingredients, pureed in the most expensive blender, and poured into a tall, frosty glass just for Duana's consumption. Full Story

Lin-Manuel Miranda has resurrected Movie Musicals

Duana Posted by Duana at July 20, 2018 18:03:27 July 20, 2018 18:03:27
Gary Gershoff/ Getty Images

“The sound you are hearing is not a technical problem. It is not a musical cue. It is not a joke. It is the sound of one man's mounting anxiety. I... am that man.” Okay, you’d have to be under a rock not to know Lin-Manuel Miranda’s voice and cadence even if you’ve never seen a minute of him onstage – so read the above line in his voice. Full Story